Tsintzina forest range escapes with minor losses from recent fires. Almost all places of interest remain intact.


With recent fires now safely behind, a rather upbeat assessment of lost and saved can safely be concluded.  

As the approximate count on the map above indicates, only the southern forest range sustained significant damage. The Western slope of Mourgias hill and a small part of the adjacent area were also completely destroyed.  

Initially, the fire approached the village from S-SE, on August 29th. A sustained air and ground effort assisted by dozens of Tsintzinians and several volunteers had checked its advance by noon of September 2nd. However with dozens of lingering spots remaining, a sudden withdrawal of air support at 13.00 hrs on this date, allowed for a major revival across the South-Western flank (see next picture) which was effectively put out the following morning.

The majority of the affected area however is not visible from within the village itself. As pictures posted elsewhere in the website would indicate, only a relatively minor part to the south and west can be seen. This as the southern forest covers terrain interrupted by uneven contours, rising above as we move closer to the village itself.  



As regards now places of interest in and around the village itself, almost all managed to remain clear of fire range. In more detail: 

     Two of a total of 9 marked forest walking paths cross through affected area for a total of between a few yards and no more than 200 yards.

    The Southeastern path via St. Elias Chapel crosses through affected forest but well outside village limits toward Agrianoi.

    The Fities - Stamatira path on the SSW will cross for about two fifths of its length between areas at points completely affected and at points partly affected (areas respectively marked in red and green on the picture below)


  • The remaining five forest paths were completely unaffected.
  • None of the village chapels in the perimeter were damaged or had a firefront at close range, with the exception of St. Elias where fire came within a few yards.
  • There was no fire activity along the entire width of the picturesque stream, with the exception of some 200 yards well clear of the W-SW point of the village.
  • And of course, the village itself remains as it was. 


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